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How to not lose Purchasing Power in a rising interest rate market!

Are Rates really 2% or more higher?

The short answer is YES and NO.  Not every lender was positioned to handle this crisis.  It pains me to see some of my colleagues in the business be priced out of the market because their company is in a severe cash crunch.  This soon will pass, but at this moment, there exist the biggest variance in rates among lenders that I've ever seen.

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The 3 reasons your balance goes up when refinancing!

A frequently asked question

I have helped many clients refinance and there a question that comes up over and over again when looking at the numbers.  It is, "why is my balance going up so much?"

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Project My Home flaunts new listing strategy for Sellers!

Realtor Influence Matters

Please note that what I am about to suggest requires the involvement of a Realtor.  The following is a unique listing and selling strategy for today's home seller facilitated by one of the largest lenders in the country.

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